How To Make A Facebook Cover That Works Everywhere

If you own a business, chances are, like most of us, you have a Facebook business page and at the top of that Facebook business page is what’s called the cover.

That’s the first thing that someone visiting your page will see – the visual representation of your company or the key information that you want them to see. But when I look at businesses Facebook pages so many times, their cover cuts off that key information or chops someone’s head off.

Today in this explainer video, I’m going to show you how to make a Facebook cover page that not only fits for desktop and laptop use but also fits perfectly when someone is looking at mobile. Keep in mind about 75 of the people that look at your stuff on Facebook are doing it on their phone. So today, we look at Facebook cover page.

This is the Facebook cover of one of our clients Jiffy Lube here in Morinville. Now, they’ve made an image that is square, which works well on Instagram. All the information is there. But when it’s used as a Facebook cover some of the info gets cut off. So it’s not formatted correctly.

Another one of our clients, Smith Music, their Facebook cover on desktop and laptop looks great. It’s perfectly centred. It’s a still from their video introduction for the videos that they do. So the image is great. It’s centered for desktop and laptop. No complaints there at all, but when you look at it on mobile, the bottom of their logo gets cut off.

So how do we make a proper facebook page work?

Facebook uses two primary cover page sizes – 820 by 312 pixels for desktop and laptop. That’s one of the standard sizes that they use. The second size is for mobile, and that’s 640 by 360 pixels.

Two different sizes. One’s wider. One’s taller.

If we want a perfect cover page that works well for both we have to find the sweet spot between these two areas.

So if we think of the total area as 820 wide by 306 tall and then center the smaller sizes 640 by 312 in the middle, we arrive at the sweet spot – the area where we can put content.

So we’re just going to take and make that a little bit bigger so we can design something and explain the area.

We can put a background in. It can extend outside that dotted line.

Make sure the logo fits in the sweet spot.

We’ll put a banner on the bottom where we’ll place our logo and our phone number and email address so people can contact us off of Facebook.

And we’ll also put in some of the things that the company does. So there is all of our key information – everything looks good. It fits in the boundary.

All that we have to do now is add it.

And when you hit edit, you can add a video. You can choose from existing photos, or you can upload a photo. We’re going to choose from existing – this one’s pre-loaded. You can see everything fits – hit save changes, and you’re done.

And our client, Jiffy Lube – we formatted theirs with all the information they had into the proper size. Now it works great.

And I hope that gives you a simple explanation of how to make a Facebook cover page.

If you don’t have the tools and the software to do that, you can give us a call at the phone number below, and we can do that for you quite affordably.